Human Resources & Compensation Consulting (HRCC), a division of Omam Consultants Private Limited, an accredited HR Consulting firm is committed to provide leading edge HR Solutions and customized customer service leading to improved performance of an organization. HRCC’s prime role is to assist the clients to identify needs, develop strategy & methodology along with action plan and help implementation. Our multifunctional experts design tailor-made solutions to improve people process, productivity, engagement and employee benefit plans. We work with clients from long term association to provide the back office support on day-to-day basis.

Today organisations have to face fierce competition, both internally and externally, in context of this competition enormous changes have been taking place in HR Practices, demanding more sophisticated approach to design, develop and implement customized solutions. Thus progressive organisations will ensure their HR practices remain competitive against comparable organisations. Accurate and timely information is increasingly necessary to make important decisions in the interest of short term & long-term goals of the company.

Offerings at Omam’s HRCC are:

HR Policies & Manuals

HR Policies & Manuals

  • HR Policy Manual

    A comprehensive HR Manual providing guidelines to employee/employer for proper conduct of business & eradicating bias

  • Induction Manual/ Employee Handbook

    A structured documents informing a new entrant about the policies, culture, philosophy of the organisation to create a positive feel during the induction period of the employee

  • Best Practies Benchmarking

    Benchmark & analysis of the benefits provided to employees. Benchmarcking the best pratices & designing suitable pratices to create employee delight & organisation band

  • HR Audit

    A review of the implementation of the HR Policies, systems & procedures for improvements in the organisational pratices. It consists of diagnosing, analysing evaluting & assessing future lines of action in HRM

Compensation Services

Compensation Services

  • Compensation Benchmarking

    Band/Position/Function wise Salary Surveys for Management as well as Non-Management employees to revalidate pay levels & summerise the “Situational Analysis” to attract, support & retain employees

  • Diagnostic & Advisory Services

    Advise clients in identifying & implementing innovative compensation solutions in view of changing market pratices with the help of our expertise & strong compensation data warehouse of 10000+organisations

  • Compensation Aspiration Study

    A unique process off accessing & evaluating the aspirations, ambitions & salary levels of the Top Management Professionals through a structured process & suggest a road map

  • Compensation Structuring/

    Elemental Salary & Benefit restructuring viz a viz the current best practices & I.T rules for easy administration & improved take home salary of employees

Performance Management

Performance Management

  • Perfo\rmance Management System

    A proactive system of managing employee performance for driving the individual & the organisation towards desired performance & results for accomplishing excellence in performance

  • Performance Appraisal System

    Review & Design a Performance Appraisal System to evaluate the contributions made by employees in achieving the objectives of the employees & the organisation

  • Job Descriptions & KRA Fizations

    Mapping Job Descriptions for clear understanding of the current & proposed job roles & responsibilities. Deliberate & summerise the Key Result Areas of the drivers of the system in context of the organisationsal objectives

  • Variable Pay Plan

    Review & Design a Variable Pay Plan keeping in view the company’s short term & long term goals to align with the organisational objectives

HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services

  • Retained Strategic Services

    Provide regular Expert Advice, Opinion, Guidance for the progress & betterment of the organisation

  • Contingency Strategic Services

    Assist in diagnosing & strategizing remedial actions for improvement of HR practices

  • Hand Holding/ Engagement

    Assist in implementation of the HR process & Systems in the organisation with experienced consultants

  • Payroll Management

    Outsourcing Payroll generation & record maintenance for senior level employees to ensure confidentiality to ensure confidentiality on salary & benefits

HR Diagnostic Studies

HR Diagnostic Studies

  • Employee Engagement Survey

    A customized survey to identify the level of commitment & involvement of employees towards the organisation, its values & culture

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey

    A strategic survey to identify the employee’s satisfaction level on various related issues in an organisation to improve motivation & morale of employees

  • Employe Attitude Survey

    To provide an overview of how successful an organisation is in building a “Positive Work Enviroment”. It’s a survey to determine employee’s perception of the work & the workplace

  • Employee Attrition Survey

    Feedback from Ex-employees to identify the areas of improvement in culture, system, policies & Schemes which affect motivation & retention of employees

Strategic HR Intervention

Strategic HR Intervention

  • Manpower Optimization/

    A systematic study of the job roles & processes to make the organisation a high performance organisation

  • Organisational Restructuring/Banding

    A process of creating structure/bands/levels to enable successful strategy Implementation, respond to the changing environment & ensure clarity in an organisation

  • Competency Assessment

    A comprehensive study of observable assessment of employee knowledge, skills & behaviour linked to specific competency levels. The analysis identifies the gray areas or the gaps where improvement is possible

  • Talent Management

    A systematic process to identify, assess & develop employees to take up higher responsibilities within the organisation. It is an effort to ensure leadership for business growth & future expansion